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MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008
Quality management system

The effectively developed and operated quality management system provides the organizers the opportunity to produce products that fit the needs of the customers and meet the requirements of the laws.


The appointed goals are the transparency and the stability of the system, and the justification of the processes, this way the quality of the products is guaranteed.

Due to the systematic management, the work of the organization is regulated, the activities are transparent, and the spheres are clear for all sides.


The ratio of the inappropriate products/services reduces, the efficiency of the operation increases.


The acquisition of the certificate justifies, that the operation of the organization and the results meet the national and the international requirements.


Downloadable certification:

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MSZ EN ISO 14001:2004
Environmental administrational system

The enterprises, the products, and the services are in close interaction with the environment. Every person considers their own environment a priority. The sum of our "own environments" means our whole environment, the Earth. The destruction of the environment can cause opposition between the people in society, and the media deals with the problem as well. The environmental behaviour is also essential when it comes to business organisations. A way to be environmentally responsible for business organisations is the Environmental Administrational System, the rules of it are written in the ISO 14001.


This certificate is released by an independent expert. It justifies that an organization: works in a way to reduce the environmental contamination; is commited to the law; and regularly developes the efficiency of its environmental actions.


Downloadable certification:

tanúsítvány HU17584-17 BS OHSAS 18001-20
MSZ 28001:2008 (OHSAS 18001:2007) 
Health and safety requirement system

The health and safety requirement system is introduced to keep the risks of workplace safety and occupational health under control. Its aim is to identify and estimate these risks.

It guarentees that the management will see occupational safety as an investment rather than  an expense. By carrying through this regulation , a management technique is created, in which the workplace safety and occupational health are examined, and investements are returned.


This certificate justifies that the organization reduces the dangers of the workplace to the minimum. It also guarentees the compliance in official inspections.


Downloadable certification: